Carol Lipnik

Carol Lipnik performs the title track from her CD
Almost Back to Normal at Joe's Pub.

Music Video for "Almost Back to Normal."

Carol Lipnik performs "The Two Headed Calf"
at Rockwood Music Hall.

Carol Lipnik performs "Nonviolent Man" as part of
Weimar New York at Joe's Pub.

"Carol Lipnik might not just be the
best singer in New York -- she might be
the best singer anywhere."
- New York Music Daily
 "Like a spiderweb, Carol Lipnik is
surprisingly strong in her ethereality,
maintaining an eerie self-possession as
she shares enigmatically spooky folk-art
songs in an octave-spanning wail."
- Time Out New York

Carol Lipnik's music does more than evoke a shadow-world of mysterious, often misunderstood creatures, from sideshow freaks and b-movie monsters to love's obsessive victims. It creates that world, bringing it into audible being through her stunningly versatile four-octave voice and expressive, impeccably crafted songs. Her live shows draw audiences in with an intimacy and intensity that is both theatrical and deeply musical. Her repertoire -- ranging from mad, carnival-ride tangos and waltzes to dramatic Bowie-esque rock to intricate, semi-acoustic art songs -- is unified by the singer's visionary commitment to the beauty of strangeness and the strangeness of beauty. Carol Lipnik's songs and performances are, in the truest sense, enchantments.

Carol’s popular weekly performance residency, with Matt Kanelos on piano, at the East Village boîte Pangea has repeatedly been a featured top cabaret critic’s pick in Time Out. Carol has also performed at such venues as Joe’s Pub, The Abrons Arts Center, PS 122, the Hudson Opera House, the Wadsworth Atheneum Museum of Art and The Spiegeltent at Bard College.

The inimitable Coney Island native has released six CDs on her Mermaid Alley music label; the latest, Almost Back To Normal (2015), was funded by a grant from the Peter S. Reed Foundation. She has collaborated with and composed music for performance artist John Kelly's latest work The Escape Artist, and these songs are also included on his 2016 CD recording Beauty Kills Me. She was recently an artist in residence at the Yaddo Art Colony in Saratoga Springs, NY.


Management & Booking
Earl Dax
442-D Lorimer Street #150
Brooklyn, NY 11206

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Select Press Quotes

"There is a prismatic brilliance to ALMOST BACK TO NORMAL that cannot be categorized; from moments of sweeping grandeur to delicate fragility as fleeting as a snowflake's beauty - all with minimum instrumentation. This is her magnum opus."

 - George Maida, The Electric Croude, WCVE-FM (NPR)
"Of all the many ongoing weekly gigs in this city, it’s impossible to think of a more happening one right now than this show... If state-of-the-art song-craft and magical voices are your thing, miss this at your peril. Years from now, people will be saying they were here even if they weren’t… Carol Lipnik might not just be the best singer in New York - she might be the best singer anywhere."
- New York Music Daily
"Earth-mother nightingale Carol Lipnik is a mesmerizing find. She has an ethereal soprano and a hippie air; she writes fantastical tunes, full of mythic imagery, that carry the listener to worlds unknown. At last, her moment has come."
- James Gavin (biographer of Peggy Lee, Lena Horne, and Chet Baker)